Technical Info


Animal Vision and Smell

How to Check Camo and Orange for UV GLOW

Review of Color Vision in White-Tailed Deer (VerCauteren)

Behavioral Study CONFIRMS That Deer See UV brighteners (Cohen)

U-V-Killer Information

How Game Animals See & Smell

UV/Color Vision Information Sources


Footwear Care

Boot Care

Caring for Ice Skates

Don't Carry Extra Weight

Proper Care of Hardworking Leather

Sno-Seal Application Tips and Instructions

Repair-All by Sno-Seal


Green for the Environment

Green by Technology

Little Green Lies

Atsko's Legacy of Conservation

Greenest Sport-Wash Feature

Don't Be Fooled by "Feel Good" Green

Stop Unnecessary Recycling

Restore It or Replace It

When Quality Counts



Rapid-Rod Information

Camo Considerations

Solid Orange vs. Camo Orange

Hunter Orange: Proving the Obvious

Color Vision in Deer (Huntlady)

Camo Conspiracy


Odor Control

Odor Oxidizer Or N-O-DOR Liquid

Tips for using N-O-DOR II

Tips for using Sport-Wash Hair & Body Soap

Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel

N-O-DOR Odor Oxidizer

The Sense of Smell

Shampoo and Body Soap


Pet Care

Odor Free Pet Shampoo


Clothing Care

Care of Performance Fabrics

Tips for Using Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent

Tips for Using Sensi-Clean

Soft Shell Systems

Washing ACU, Army Combat Uniform

Proper Care for Performance Fabrics

Washing Cloth Diapers

Soap verses Detergent

Caring for Waterproof Fabrics

Sport-Wash Detergent Evaluation

Sensi-Clean Detergent Evaluation

Flammability - Children's Sleepwear

Rinsability of Sensi-Clean

Water Repellent Durability

High Efficiency (HE) Washing Machines

Don't Wash Away Performance

The Detergent Conspiracy 


Skin Protection

Tips for using Pro-Tech-Skin

Residue Free Cleansing

Avoiding Chemical Exposure

Pro-Tech-Skin Leaflet


UV Control

Sun Protection

Skin Cancer

Change Clothing Into a UV Barrier

ASTM Standards

UV Transmittance

UV Testing

Enjoy the Sun, But Don't Get Burned

Sun Protection UPF 50+


Silicone Water Guard - More in every can, #1336 and #1336L

Permanent Water-Guard

Water-Guard Extreme Benefits

Durable Water Repellent

Water-Guard Family of Products

Application Chart

DIY Fabric Water Repellent Test

50 Consecutive Test Durability