Durable Water Repellent

Durable Water Repellent (DWR)

Wash-in VS Spray-on with a 25 Wash Guarantee

Many manufacturers of high performance outdoor clothing use outer fabrics that are treated with durable water repellent. The vast majority, despite differences in marketing names and claims, are based on flouropolymers. These are PTFE molecules that are applied to the surface and cured at high heat to make them adhere better and increase performance. These compounds have a fluorine atom at one end which is highly hydrophobic. Heat causes them to align themselves with their flourines exposed. Water tries to move away from the flourines resulting in beading. This allows the water to roll off without wetting the fabric.

The problem with DWR’s is that they must be very clean to work well. Anything that contaminates the surface can mask the effects of the flourines, giving the water a place to contact and attack. Over a period of a few months, sulfides and other pollutants in the air can settle on the fabric and reduce repellency even if the garment is not worn.

Fortunately, if properly applied, the DWR can be washed, dried, and heated at least 25 times before the flouropolymer must be replaced. But only a residue-free detergent (RFD) like Sport-Wash or Sensi-Clean can leave the fabric completely residue-free. All other soaps and detergents leave residue of surfactants, fragrances, and UV Brighteners which all reduce repellency. The residue also destroys all other features like wicking, breathability, insulation, and rapid drying.

Most reproofing products can be spray applied or washed-in in the rinse cycle. Spraying, brushing, wiping, etc. is a very efficient use of product. It is applied just where it is needed.

Wash-in on the other hand is very inefficient. Most of the chemical goes down the drain. Worse yet, it eliminates wicking and other moisture management throughout the entire garment. After a few washes in their recommended detergent the wash-in repellency is gone. This is a great benefit to the retailers of water repellent clothing because it suggests to users that it is time to reproof or replace/recycle the item.

The alternative is Permanent Water-Guard. When properly applied, it is guaranteed to still bead water after 25 washings in Sport-Wash Residue Free Detergent. Sport-Wash will also restore good factory DWR at least 25 times. Sport-Wash completely restores all the features and benefits of your high performance clothes, eliminating the need to replace/recycle or even reproof your treasures.

Washer and Dryer safe articles that have no DWR can also be treated with Permanent Water-Guard. In order to maximize performance, there are two formulas of Permanent Water-Guard. The 17oz trigger bottle item #1356 is optimized for 100% cotton or cotton blends. The 10 ½ oz aerosol item #1357 is optimized for 100% synthetics like nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc. These can be used to create your own highly breathable yet water repellent “Soft Shell” system. #1356 can also be used as a wash-in and will exceed the performance of competing brands, but why not just do it right and enjoy our 25 wash guarantee.

Don’t replace/recycle your high performance favorites. Restore them with Sport-Wash andPermanent Water-Guard. With the time, money, and resources you save you can enjoy the outdoors more. Request a free sample of Sport-Wash and learn more at atsko.com.