Avoiding Chemical Exposure

Stop Unnecessary Chemical Exposure

An increasing number of people are suffering from rash, redness, and skin irritation that can be relieved without medication or life style change. 3 major sources of chemical assault are laundry product residue, shampoo and hand soap residue, and exposure to chemicals and cleaners at work and at home

Laundry products leave residues averaging 2% of the weight of fabric. They surround us 24 hours a day. They are mainly surfactants, salt, fragrances, U-V brightening dyes and organic goo to hold it all in place. Many products claim to be "Free" of dye and perfume but independent studies from Clemson University support our claim that Sensi-Clean is the only Residue-Free detergent. We are happy to provide you with copies of the test results, but the real proof is the relief experienced by people who suffer rash, redness, and irritation from ordinary laundry products.

Four groups suffer most from laundry chemical residue. (1) Infants whose immune systems are not yet able to resist these chemicals. (2)Those who have increased chemical sensitivity as a result of disease (such as Lupus, Psoriasis etc.), because of previous exposure, or caused by currently high levels of chemical stress. (3) The elderly who have less resistance to all chemical exposure and decreased healing and regenerative rates. (4) Athletes who perspire heavily activating the residues with moisture and heat so that they are easily absorbed into warm moisture-softened skin.

Sensi-Clean detergent has been so beneficial that we now have 1,100 hospital's delivery rooms and 1,500 private physicians in allergy, dermatology, and pediatrics providing samples of Sensi-Clean to patients who will benefit by eliminating exposure to laundry detergent residue

The next major source of day and night chemical exposure is personal care products.Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel enables people to completely cleanse hair and skin with no chemical residue. Most shampoos and body cleansers distinguish themselves by the fragrances and fad ingredients they contain. Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel, by contrast, goes beyond hypoallergenic by leaving nothing on the hair and skin. This eliminates irritation and makes medication and other personal care products more consistent and effective at lower application rates by eliminating interaction with shampoo and soap chemicals.

Recurring yeast infections are usually eliminated by the combination of residue free clothes and residue free skin. This can only be achieved by the use of Sensi-Clean Laundry detergent (without fabric softener) for all your clothes washing along with Sensi-CleanShampoo & Body Gel for the shower. This combination also reduces the episode frequency of reactive conditions such as psoriasis

The third line of defense is literally a wax barrier for the skin called Pro-Tech-Skin. The Beeswax formula is insoluble in water and provides all day protection against all waterborne agents, wind burn, sun, and repeated washings.

Apply Pro-Tech-Skin to areas of dry or damaged skin immediately after your residue-free shower with Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel. Pro-Tech-Skin seals out all irritants while sealing in the bodies own moisture so that skin can heal itself.

Pro-Tech-Skin should be applied before exposure to paint, chemicals, and soil as it will enable thorough cleansing with

Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel instead of an unnecessarily aggressive cleanser,

Please test these products yourself. This system of 3 no-nonsense products can achieve results where medications and expensive personal care products consistently fail. Instead of adding new chemicals to the problem, Sensi-Clean, Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel, and Pro-Tech-Skin simply remove the original source of irritation.