Tips for using Pro-Tech-Skin

Pro-Tech-Skin Cream

Pro-Tech-Skin retains moisture while sealing out irritating chemicals. It is drastically different from most skin care products. Most products are water-soluble, they offer little or no protection against water and waterborne irritants such as soaps and household chemicals. They contain long lists of ingredients - many of which can be irritating. Often these chemicals are homogenized or emulsified for suspension in water. This reduction in particle size makes them more invasive. Finally, after the water has evaporated such products will actually draw additional moisture from the skin you are trying to protect.

Pro-Tech-Skin contains no water. The Bees Wax formula contains no fad ingredients like milk, vitamins, essential oils, fragrance, etc. It contains only inert waxes that form a protective barrier to conserve your skins own moisture. The waxes are huge chains of molecules that do not penetrate living cells as emulsified chemicals can. Pro-Tech-Skinactually enables the outer layers of cells to better protect the living cells below by retaining your body's own oils and moisture which enhance healing and prevent damage.

Pro-Tech-Skin is the same Beeswax formula that has been protecting hard working leather since 1933 in Sno-Seal. (We have replaced Sno-Seal's softening agent with one recognized by the FDA for cosmetic use.) This volatilizes just as the softener in Sno-Seal, leaving the same tenacious barrier of protective wax. The only odor is that of natural unbleached beeswax.

Apply Pro-Tech-Skin after washing for all day protection of hands (especially knuckles, cuticles, and finger tips), faces, knees, elbows, feet, scar tissue, and all damaged skin. We all know how good our hands feel immediately after washing and drying. Pro-Tech-Skinlocks in the extra moisture to make that great feeling last while protecting skin from further damage and retaining natural moisture.

Pro-Tech-Skin enables your skin to heal itself. Hands will look and feel healthier immediately and continue to improve as natural healing occurs. You be the judge.

Many conditions such as Lupus, Eczema, Psoriasis, chemical sensitivity, aging, and U-V exposure cause the skin to react adversely to chemical exposures that other people can tolerate. Pro-Tech-Skin forms a barrier that isolates reactive skin from chemical exposure without causing irritation itself. Allergists and Dermatologists recommend Pro-Tech-Skinbecause it reduces sensitivity while conserving moisture to enable skin to heal itself.

Pro-Tech-Skin is ideal for those who wash their hands frequently with detergents that leave skin rough, red, raw, chapped, and cracked. Applied once in the morning, the protection continues all day thru repeated washings. Campers, nurses, care givers, florists, climbers, runners, sailors, skiers, hikers, hunters, fishermen, painters, plumbers, mechanics, electricians, brick layers, and all tradesmen will enjoy greatly improved skin. The more you abuse your skin - the more you need Pro-Tech-Skin. Application before exposure to paint, grease, dirt, chemicals, etc. makes clean-up quick and easy with the mildest of cleaners.

A little bit of Pro-Tech-Skin goes a long way because there is no water or clay filler in it. The 1/3 ounce sample pack provides about 7 applications for the average pair of hands. Regular users will find Pro-Tech-Skin very economical compared to the water products that don't work nearly as well. From Abrasions to windburn the most effective protection is Pro-Tech-Skin.