Odor control is a major concern for hunters and fishermen. But until recently, most commercial and home odor control products have been useless for hunters. Available products have focused on making things smell “Good” rather than odorless. Research has centered on eliminating bad odors by creating a new odor that was not objectionable. Clothes, carpets, commodes and companions are all made to smell good, clean or fresh but never odorless. The cover scent is just stronger to humans than the objectionable odor it is blocking out. Many hunting and fishing odor control products use the same method. They try to block the human odor with cover scents like apples, skunks, fox and buck or doe urines.

We cannot tell you what animals smell. We know that deer are 10 thousand times more sensitive to odor than humans. A large portion of their brain is devoted to olfaction (the ability to smell) and scientists say deer are able to recognize six different odors at the same time. Certainly their marking of territory and other behaviors indicate that they readily smell things of which we are unaware.

We know they can tell the difference between an apple from North Carolina and one from Pennsylvania. This suggests that cover, attractants, and other artificial scents are readily recognized as foreign and function only through the inquisitive nature of animals. Trying to fool a deer’s nose is as futile as a child trying to trick Einstein with a riddle in relative physics. Fish may have even a more highly developed sense of smell. Sharks have shown their ability to detect a few parts per billion of blood in water at a distance of several miles. Salmon find their spawning streams by odor at great distances. Bass following a lure, attracted by its motion or vibration, turn away when they smell a contaminating odor. So how can a cover scent work? It can’t. Our SPORT-WASH® laundry detergent and SPORT-WASH® HAIR & BODY SOAP both rinse completely leaving no residue. The only thing a deer can’t smell is nothing.

Our approach is to simply reduce the odors of the hunter and fisherman to the lowest possible level without introducing any new odor.  Having no odor means no detection by game or fish.

Other products that attempt to use this strategy do not have the technology to do the job. Their main ingredient is baking soda and/or washing soda with one or more antimicrobials added so nothing grows in the bottle. Baking soda raises skin pH to slow the growth of the bacteria that cause body odor but despite its reputation in the refrigerator it actually absorbs very little odor before it reaches equilibrium and releases odor molecules as fast as it reacts to new ones. Carbonates prefer water to organics and will actually release previously absorbed odors when wet to absorb more water. These products are only partially effective at best and are a poor value for the few cents worth of ingredients in deionized water.

In order to study and judge the effectiveness of different materials for odor control we had to create standard smells and develop a rating scale. Then we perfected test methods that gave consistent and reproducible results. The most sensitive observers were young non-smokers who favor a bland diet.

We tested wet and dry systems against a wide range of common odors. We found two ways to eliminate odor without introducing a new odor. The first method is by oxidation and the product is N-O-DOR® the liquid spray. The second method is selective adsorption and the product is N-O-DOR® II the powder.

N-O-DOR® & N-O-DOR® II are not fully compatible. Clothes that are heavily powdered with N-O-DOR® II will deactivate N-O-DOR® liquid. There are applications where either system could be used. However, some problems are better suited to the liquid application and others are best handled by the powder.

What is N-O-DOR® the liquid? It is an oxidizer, a new application of natures own process for destroying organic waste. You are familiar with how chlorine destroys odor and bacteria. Chlorine is an oxidizer. Oxidizers combine with organic compounds and change them to non-volatile salts. The change is permanent and they no longer smell. The problem with chlorine is that it has its own odor. You recognize the smell of chlorine when you are close to a spa or swimming pool, sometimes you can smell it in drinking water. We found a new oxidizer that was developed for the food industry. It has no odor of its own, but like chlorine permanently destroys all odor caused by organic compounds and is safe for you to use on your skin, hair, clothing, carpeting, and pets. Other products instruct you to only spray them on your clothing as they can injure your skin.

N-O-DOR® does not eliminate the need for washing your clothes & body. Our body odor is the result of accumulating waste products from bacteria that live on the skin. Heavy accumulations must be washed away from our clothing and skin. This is done with SPORT-WASH® unscented, non-brightening residue-free laundry detergent and SPORT-WASH® unscented Hair & Body Soap. After most of the organic debris has been washed away, N-O-DOR® provides a way to remove every trace of odor from your clothes & body while in the field. By chemical reaction, N-O-DOR® transforms new organic odor sources into nonvolatile salt. This Oxidation-Reduction process permanently eliminates all odor and the germs that cause odors. As more organic material is generated N-O-DOR® continues to oxidize it until it all dries away. Spraying your body from head to toe deodorizes you so completely you feel as refreshed as if you had taken a shower. Triple action: Oxidizing the organic material that odor causing bacteria feed upon, oxidizing the bacteria, and oxidizing any odorous products created by the bacteria.

Ideally, the hunter should begin each day with a shower using SPORT-WASH® unscented Hair & Body Soap. When this is not possible one should spray N-O-DOR® liberally ON THE SKIN AND THE HAIR. Lightly towel off excess liquid before dressing in clean clothes. If clean clothing is not available be sure to spray clothing with N-O-DOR®. As the day progresses and perspiration persists, additional N-O-DOR® can be applied to the skin and clothing as needed. With N-O-DOR® you are able to remain scent free all day. Nature has always cleaned up her spent organic debris by oxidation. Now, thanks to the experts at Atsko, you can be odor-free and a more successful hunter.

N-O-DOR® will also destroy odors in your car, home or wherever a problem exists.

N-O-DOR® II the powder, is a blend of ABSCENTS® crystals in a Body Powder. ABSCENTS® crystals are a molecular sieve of aluminosilicate composition, in which the crystal framework of aluminum and silica atoms forms a three dimensional network of spherical cavities having a honey comb like structure.

Now lets look at actual applications and determine when each form of N-O-DOR® is appropriate. First in order of use is any preparation that can be done in advance of your trip. Most important is deodorizing the things that cannot be laundered with

SPORT-WASH®. Boots should be powdered liberally with N-O-DOR® II. If dry and not used in daily wear, apply powder two weeks before hunting and wrap in plastic. If you must hunt in boots you wear everyday, they should be powdered every second day and old powder should be wiped out each time. The washables are easy, simply launder them in SPORT-WASH®. Store in plastic bags containing local flora from a recent scouting trip or a shake of N-O-DOR® II the powder. Leaves or earth from the wrong location can be as out of place as a commercial cover scent. If in doubt, the best odor is N-O-DOR®.

The day of the hunt: If possible, shave and shower with SPORT-WASH® Hair & Body Soap. It’s scent free and cleanses so completely that it takes hours for odor causing bacteria to reappear. Be sure to do a thorough job on hair, feet and sweat areas. If a shower is not possible, spray your entire body with N-O-DOR® liquid. This is as effective as showering and can be repeated in the field.

As you dress: If it will remain cold all day dry yourself completely and apply N-O-DOR® II (powder) to critical areas of your Body, Clothes, and Boots. If you will be perspiring, dampen your body with N-O-DOR® liquid as you dress (except Boots). Carry your outermost layer of clothes in a plastic bag if you will be riding in a vehicle.

Arriving at your hunting Area: Dress outside your vehicle. For cold weather, use powder inside as you finish dressing. Warmer weather, spray your inner clothing lightly with N-O-DOR® liquid before dressing. In all weather the sleeves, collar, cuffs, and entire outer layer should be sprayed with N-O-DOR® liquid. Spray the outside and bottoms of your Boots so you don’t leave a scent trail.

Arriving on stand: You can repeat spraying or powdering especially around sweat areas as necessary during the day. Don’t overlook gloves, hat, release triggers, and other things you will be handling. Be careful not to get N-O-DOR® II powder on lenses or coated optics. It contains superfine crystals that could scratch glass, plastic, and coatings. Apply extra liquid or powder to any stains or spills that may have occurred since you last washed your clothing in SPORT-WASH®. Gasoline odor is particularly difficult to control due to the benzene rings. Wash gas spills in SPORT-WASH® and treat with N-O-DOR® spray.

Deer and other game can easily associate two or more odors just as we form visual associations. A human male watching a red convertible driven by a young blonde female will have no problem remembering the girl next time he spots the car a quarter mile away. Similarly, a Buck associates a popular cover scent with you or another human that has done a poor job of odor control or perhaps is identified by a bright UV Glow. The next time he smells that cover scent he knows a human is in the area even if he cannot see him or smell his human odors.


Fish can detect an odor with as little as a few parts per billion in water from miles away. Fishermen must recognize that spraying their hands and lures with N-O-DOR® is a critical part of a perfect presentation. N-O-DOR® works faster and better than any product on the market and leaves no residue on the lure or fisherman’s hands.