Don't be fooled by Feel-Good Green

Don't Be Fooled by Feel-Good Green

We eliminate 50 to 90% of packaging, shipping, landfill use, etc. by making a cleaner that is so efficient, a single ounce does an entire machine load.

We use only straight chain renewable vegetable based surfactants and provide 3rd party biodegradability studies earning "Readily Biodegradable" on the 301D oxygen demand test. We use less than 5 grams of chemical to wash an entire load.

Superior cleaning without any residue restores wicking, breathability, water repellency and rapid drying. In 1995 we published studies by Clemson University measuring detergent residue by weight gain and increased flammability. We have since documented and published the loss of repellency caused by detergent residue.

Saving money is green too. You can save money caring for performance clothing items withSport-Wash and save more by not having to replace them. 



They claim a percentage of Post consumer recycled content in packaging, while using 10 times as much resources to package, ship and dispose of a diluted product.

They claim "biodegradable, natural and environmentally friendly" without any data. Using over half a bottle for a few garments, who knows how much chemical is needed for a full wash load? Some tell you to double the dose in hard water to make the soap residue less visible.

They claim performance without test data, copy claims of products that do the testing and list endorsements by marketers and celebrities instead of studies by Universities. How green is it to keep replacing clothing because you wash it with a soap that ruins its performance.

You pay too much for inferior products that claim to do what Sport-Wash does. Then you replace the garment because it still doesn't work. Now you have to expend extra resources to replace the wasted money.