Sun Protection UPF 50+

U-V-Block Sun Protection UPF 50+

Skin Cancer is increasing. People who work or play in the Sun are never adequately protected because Sunscreens need frequent reapplications and regular clothing must be heavy or dark colored (Hot) for full protection from harmful Ultraviolet radiation. Many lightweight, light color fabrics that are cool and comfortable offer little protection from UV radiation. A white tee shirt may provide only UPF 5 (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) when dry and far less when wet or stretched. While sunscreens are rated in SPF (Sun Protection Factor) based on very optimistic assumptions about rate and frequency of application, Fabric protection is rated in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) a minimum level of protection expected based on instrument testing. Special clothing has been created to offer comfort and UPF 30+ protection but it is expensive and limited in style, size, and availability.

You can now apply UV Protection to white or light colored (cool) clothing instead of skin. Eliminate the repeated chemical exposure and cost of applying Sunscreen to the skin. U-V-Block treats any fabric. On many fabrics U-V-Block will achieve UPF 50+, the highest rating allowed by ASTM Fabric Labeling Standard, in just one application.

Treat your own clothes, old or new, to add UV protection. Apply U-V-Block to the clothes you choose to wear in the sun. The spray application dries quickly and can be cured in the dryer or with an iron to endure repeated washings without loss of protection. A 17-ounce bottle of U-V-Block will treat about 4 white dress shirts. Each shirt will protect for several seasons for less than the price of one bottle of sunscreen.

Treating your clothing with U-V-Block is an effective, economical, and comfortable way to reduce the risk. A day of work or play in the Sun is less tiring when light, white, treated clothing is used to reduce heat stress and UV exposure. Warning: Do Not extend Sun exposure time without increasing protection of eyes and uncovered skin.

Wide brim hats, long sleeve shirts, and long pants cover more skin and skin must be covered to be protected. Enjoy the light, white summer clothes of your choice with the added comfort of U-V-Block protection. The garment you treat will actually last longer because of U-V-Block. A typical printed poly cotton blend will last 4 times longer in outdoor exposure.

The use of sunscreen is important and may never be replaced for the face and hands, but it is surprisingly expensive and inconvenient to achieve advertised protection of the entire body. Just read the instructions which must be followed to achieve the SPF rating claimed. "Apply 20 minutes before exposure". "Apply liberally, 1 ounce will cover a typical adult" "Reapply every 30 minutes if perspiring or swimming". That's 8 applications in 4 hours? At $8 per bottle, a family of 4 should apply $64 per day or $400 for a one-week vacation. Most people will get far less protection than advertised. Even when limited to the face and hands this represents significant cost and chemical exposure. Sunscreen labels usually list multiple active ingredients because most ingredients don't cover both UVA and UVB wavelengths and it would be very irritating to use an effective amount of any one ingredient.

U-V-Block treated outdoor fabrics like tents and flags will keep their color and strength 4 times longer. Isn't this the kind of protection you want for your skin? Tell others about U-V-Block, permanent UV Protection, the sensible alternative.