Sun Protection

Protect yourself from the sun

Ordinary Clothing doesn't protect you from UV Damage.
Thin light comfortable summer fashions offer very little protection from cancer causing sun exposure. Many people will burn while wearing a "T" shirt because if offers only UPF 3 - 5. Clothing must be heavy or dark or layered (hot and uncomfortable) ao pretreated (expensive and limitied styles available) to offer good protection. Ordinary clothing, just as sunscreens, may block the UVB (Tanning rays) more effectively than the UVA Rays that cause skin damage. The heat reduction and lack of redness can make you think you are well protected, but you're not!

U-V-Block makes light summer fabrics block UVA and UVB.
The summer clothes you already own and want to wear can be treated to provide UV protection up to UPF 50+. U-V-Block does not come off when you swim or perspire. One bottle treats four shirts. The treatment is washing machine safe to last all season. Kids often have a favorite shirt they will wear without coaxing, treat it with U-V-Block. It will even make the shirt last longer.

U-V-Block is reliable and affordable.
Following label directions a family of 4 could spend $400.00 on sunscreen for a week in the sun. For advertised protection sunscreens should be applied to the skin every 1/2 hour. Sunscreen labels recommend using a full ounce per adult application. That's a lot of exposure to irritating chemicals. It is difficult to be sure that kids are protected unless they wear a shirt and hat that can be seen. You should still call them in to reapply sunscreen on exposed skin.