Odor Oxidizer Or N-O-DOR Liquid

Odor Oxidizer Or N-O-DOR Liquid?

Orignial N-O-DOR liquid using A & B liquid packs in items 1346, 1349, and 13492 and the new Odor Oxidizer Items 13492, 13494, and 13495 have the same active ingredients. Only the packaging has changed. The A & B packs are extremley economical for someone using a gallon or more per year but they have inconsistent shelf and bottle life issues.

The new oxidizer packaging offer several advantages. Part A is prediluted in a barrier bottle to save opening and pouring of liquid packs. It also assures the quality of water used so we can recommend it for breath odor control.

Part B (the activator) is a bit of fast dissolving powder. The bottle is replaced after fewer uses instead of being refilled 16 times so durability is no longer an issue. Oxidizer shelf life is in exccess of 4 years before activation and easily lasts through hunting season unless exposed to excessive heat or light.