N-O-DOR Odor Oxidizer


Completley destroys all traces of human and organic odors

100% guaranteed when used as directed.*

Directions: add 1 pack of activator powder (.5 grams) to 8 fl. oz. bottle. Shake before using. Ready in seconds. Spray from head to foot. Spray layers of clothing as you dress. Spray liberally on each layer of clothing to include gloves, hat, bottom of boots and all equipment you are taking to the field. In the field respray Hats, Cuffs, Collars, Boots, and Boot Soles. Destroy mouth odor by brushing teeth and tongue with N-O-DOR™

N-O-DOR™will also destroy odors in you car, home or wherever a problem exists. At seasons end use up any mixed N-O-DOR™ around the house and store the bottle empty and unsealed.

Mixed N-O-DOR™ lasts for 6 months in its spray bottle because the oxidizers are released only as needed. Before mixing, the liquid and powder have several years of shelf life. This unique package systems makes it possible for the hunter or outdoorsman to achieve on-the-spot odor control conveniently and economically. Protect the mixed spray from extreme heat (120 degrees F.) and light. N-O-DOR™ is sensitive to light. The special amber bottle resists UV Light but should be stored in darkness. Rinse bottle before storing empty or before mixing a new batch.

Item #13492 N-O-DOR™ Twin spray contains two 8 ounce finger pump bottles and two activators. You can activate one bottle now and hold one bottle for future activation, assuring maximum freshness.

 A refill bottle is available to make four 8 ounce bottles. Item #13494 contains 32 ounces on N-O-DOR™ and four (1/2 gram) envelopes of activator.