Sport-Wash Detergent Evaluation

Detergent Evaluation of Sport-Wash

 FROM: Robbie Nicholson - Research Specialist
               Physical Evaluation Labratory

TO: Mr. Dan Gutting, Mr. Kurt Von Busser
        Atsko, Inc.
        2530 Russel S.E.
       Orangeburg, S.C. 29115

DATE: May 15, 1995

SUBJECT: Detergent Evaluation

The object of this research is to determine the rinseability differences between a new product SPORT-WASH and TIDE LIQUID. Attached is the Graph obtained from data of test results performed at the request of Mr. Dan Gutting, Atsko, Inc. These results were obtained from testing rinseability of 100% Cotton Diapers during numerous wash cycles. Detergents supplied were SPORT-WASH 1 (4 times recommended amount), SPORT-WASH (recommended amount), and TIDE. Also cycles were completed using Water only (Control), no detergent. All tests were conducted utilizing the Launder-Ometer (Commercial Laundering). The Launder-Ometer rotates closed containers in a thermostatically controlled water bath at 40 rpm.

Three (3) fabric specimens were laundered in each of the detergents. Each Detergent was measured to insure ounce per ounce equivalency. Conditions during the wash cycle were determined from careful viewing of AATCC Test Method #61 (Colorfastness to Laundering, Home and Commercial Accelerated). Due to the need to simulate the most stringent test the following procedure and conditions were followed.

TIDE LIQUID (Mfg. recommended amount)

SPORT-WASH 1 (4 times Mfg. recommended amount)

SPORT-WASH (Mfg. recommended amount)

WATER (Only) - (Control)

Each specimen was washed in a water bath, dried, and conditioned at 70 degrees F. and 65% R.H. before Original weight recorded. After the Wash cycle each specimen was dried for 50 mins., Cotton setting, to assure complete dryness before reweighing.

 Wash Time - 45 mins. / cycle

Detergent - 4 oz. / spec.

Containers - 500ml

Steel Balls - 100

Observing the graph you will note that Cotton washed with Tide Liquid continued to gain weight while the Sport-Wash (2 concentrations) and Water (Control) weights remained basically unchanged. Thus making it safe to assume that Sport-Wash has higher rinseability properties.

The Raw Data is available upon request.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Lab.