Green by Technology

Green by Technology

Atsko products employ the most advanced technology to provide effective efficient and low impact care for clothing, footwear and outdoor gear.

Products that perform exceptionally well are inherently green because they eliminate the waste of time, resources and effort of repetitive use.

Products that are more concentrated or provide for more efficient application are inherently green because they eliminate the waste of making, filling and transporting unnecessarily larger containers.

Products that restore functions or provide additional features to existing garments and footwear are inherently green because they eliminate the waste of making, distributing and marketing replacement garments by adding the needed capability to the item you already have.

Flashy marketing often encourages the replacement rather than restoration of clothing and footwear. It’s an easy sell. Its reinforced by all the manufactures trying to sell multiple replacements to increase their business.

Atsko products will enable you to get more out of all your clothing, footwear and gear. The time, money and resources you save can be devoted to doing more instead of replacing more. Each of our products has specific features that make it friendlier to the environment than conventional products.

Sno-Seal the “Original Beeswax Waterproofing for Leather” last 4 times as long as the best competing product. This means you will eliminate 3 out of 4 applications, saving time, money and resources. The technology that makes this possible prevents saturation of the leather so the boot last longer and absorbs foot moisture better for greater comfort. Sno-Seal is a perfect example of how a superior product is often the greener product when all the facts of use are considered.

Permanent Water-Guard is the only consumer use water repellent that continues to work after dozens of washes. While other products are reapplied after each washing Permanent Water-Guard saves 100% of the cost of subsequent applications. Products that are applied in the washing machine rinse cycle are diluted with 8 gallons of water and go mostly down the drain. Resulting in more wasted chemicals draining into the environment and less performance. Atsko products explain how to get optimum results. We don’t hide the need for pre washing, heat setting or choosing the right detergent when the garment needs washing. In the long run it is a lot less work to apply a product properly one time instead of doing as easy be expensive application over and over again.

Silicone Water-Guard is the greenest, most effective heavy-duty water repellent at any price. You get ? more product in every can because we don’t use 40% Propane/Isobutane fuel gas as a cheap heavy propellant to fill the can. Our propellant is < 3 grams of reclaimed CO2. Less effective formulas require 2 applications. With Silicone Water-Guard you get maximum repellency in a single application and because you have 60% more usable product there’s over 3 times as much value in our product and it usually sells for less than the competition. When you put 3 times the value in the same packaging, and reduce danger and VOC’s you have the greenest product in its category.

Sport-Wash Detergent is greener from cradle to grave.

When a few grams of vegetable based renewable surfactant can restore a costly high tech garment to it’s original condition and you consider shopping more fun than doing, it is a total waste to replace a garment that represents fossil fuel in feed stock material, manufacturing, shipping, shopping, etc. By washing away the contaminates of use and the residue of inferior cleaners, Sport-Wash restores appearance, hand, repellency, wicking, breathability, elasticity and rapid drying.

Sport-Wash cleans an entire wash load of clothes with a single ounce of product, less than 29 grams. The savings each year in packaging and transportation if all laundry were done in Sport-Wash, would be multiple supertankers of oil. Over 24 grams is pure water so you are restoring the entire load of clothes with less than 5 grains of chemical. And the chemical, a straight chain molecule derived from coconut, is “readily biodegradable”. So biodegradable that it actually helps septic tanks function better, and represents only 11% of the load of other detergents when processed by typical municipal water treatment plants. Of course Sport-Wash is completely phosphate-free so it doesn’t contribute to algae growth. It functions in unheated water saving additional fuel. It is safe to use as a pre soak for spots and stains, eliminates the need for fabric softener with it’s irritating, performance robbing residue, because when fibers are clean, they slip freely against each other, so there is never stiffness or scratchiness. If you experience rash and irritation in warm moist areas, residue-free Sport-Wash will eliminate these problems, saving trips to the doctor and prescriptions for more chemical exposure.

If you know of another way to measure greenness, efficiency and savings, apply it to Sport-Wash and you will see again the superior greenness of doing so much more with so much less.