With Sport-Wash® you can easily save money and minimize environmental impact by using only as much as you need.

Most detergents add a variety of chemicals to your clothes, so if you use less, you don’t get the desired smell, brightness, feel etc. They depend on chemicals like non-redeposition agents and PVP that need to have a critical concentration relative to the water used, not to the amount of soil.

With Sport-Wash®, we intend to leave “nothing” on your clothes, so results can often be optimized with less than the recommended amount.

When Sport-Wash® was created 35 years ago, we were the first to use just 1 fluid ounce for a full 12-14 lbs of heavily soiled clothes. Other brands required up to 4 oz per washload and the addition of a softener. In the 35 years that have passed, the average amount of oily soil in a washload has dramatically decreased. We have not decreased the cleaning power or changed our recommendation of 1 oz per washload because many of our users have very soiled clothes. But for most users there is far less exposure to oily soil and 1 oz per washload is not necessary. For the many people who use Sport-Wash® and Sensi-Clean® to avoid irritation from chemical exposure, the use rate could be cut in half.

If you have small loads or lightly soiled loads, or just wash things because they have been worn twice; try ½ ounce for a few loads. If you wash just a couple exercise items each day, try using 1/3 or ¼ oz. Because Sport-Wash® is super soluble, it disperses immediately even in cool water to maximize the use of washing time. It is also easy to spread a small amount in targeted areas. Use a small brush or a dauber to apply Sport-Wash® directly to armpits, cuffs, collars, or other problem areas. A targeted wash of a couple of otherwise “clean” garments may require as little as 1/8 ounce of Sport-Wash.

Frugal users can get 32 or even 64 uses from an 18 oz bottle (up to 256 uses from a 64 oz bottle).

When you read an inflated “washloads” claim on a competitors bottle, notice that the fine print probably says “light loads” or “up to”. Our claim is based on a 12-14 lb load of heavily soiled clothes. Atsko products will always over deliver. Please try more of them at