Shampoo and Body Soap

Sensi-Clean Shampoo and Sport-Wash Soap

Sport-Wash Hair and Body Soap and Sensi-Clean Shampoo and Body Gel are the exact same product. In Shampoo and Body Soap, as with laundry detergent , the question is not "what is in it", but rather "what does it leave behind". Our products are designed to rinse completely so they leave no source or irritation. This is profoundly different from regular brands that seek to distinguish themselves by the fragrances, oils, and other chemicals , including antimicrobials that are intentionally deposited on skin and hair. They often leave dozens of potential irritants.

We use only purified water, a highly rinsable blend of surfactants that does the cleansing, and only enough preservative to protect our formula in the bottle because it is readily biodegradeable.

The ingredient list direct from the label is:
1. Water
2. Sodium Laureth Sulfate
3. Lauramine Oxide
4. Coconut Diethanolamide
5. 7-ethyl Bicyclo Oxazolidine