Don't Wash Away Performance


Don't Wash Away Performance

Laundry detergent residue stops features including wicking, breathing, water repellency, and the ability to dry quickly. The decrease in test scores appears to indicate that the water repellency has washed away. In reality, the chemical residue of the other detergents has coated the fabric enabling water to stick and penetrate the outer lining. We know this because re-washing failed fabrics with Sport-Wash® restores water repellency.

The ASTM standard Water Spray Test D-1913 (AATCC 22) documents the loss of repellency caused by detergent residue. This test is highly intuitive and can be duplicated by ordinary users without elaborate test instruments.

We have chosen Tech Wash® and Tide® to be tested against Sport-Wash® because Tech Wash® is extensively promoted as a specialty detergent to maintain High Tech Outdoor clothing, and Tide® because it is well known and typical of conventional detergents.

Test fabrics were washed in accordance with manufacturers directions. Test fabrics were dried in a dryer on permanent press setting until dry. Test fabrics were evaluated by ASTM Standard Water Spray Test D-1913.

Testing was conducted as follows: Spray rate = 8 fl. oz. (237 ml.) water per 30 seconds. At the end of each iteration the test fabrics were evaluated and scored in accordance with the ASTM Standard Spray Test Ratings.

Standard Spray Test Ratings:

  • 100 No Sticking or Wetting of Upper Surface
  • 90 Slight Random Sticking or Wetting of Upper Surface
  • 80 Wetting of Upper Surface at Spray Points
  • 70 Partial Wetting of Whole of Upper Surface
  • 50 Complete Wetting of Whole of Upper Surface
  • Complete Wetting of Whole Upper and Lower Surface

Clemson University School of Textiles, Fiber, and Polymer Science has also testedSport-Wash® measuring detergent residue directly by weight and indirectly by flame resistance. The details of these tests are on our website ( Additional tests by gas chromatography and residue vaporization all confirm the unique rinsability of Sport-Wash®

Freedom from detergent residue makes every garment function like new. Down and synthetic insulation can fluff up for maximum insulation value when not pasted together with detergent residue. Totally clean fibers move easily against each other eliminating the need for fabric softener. Rash, redness, and irritation are caused by continuous exposure to laundry detergent residue that can be eliminated by Sport-Wash®. Clothes, ropes, webbing, and working/moving/stretching fabrics last longer when free of abrasive particles of detergent residue. Fabrics wick and breath better and dry faster when free of chemical residue.

The more you depend on Hi-Tech fabrics the more important it is to use only Sport-Wash®to maintain them. Hunters and photographers must be free of UV Brighteners and fragrances to avoid spooking animals. Fire turnout gear must be free of flammable residue to prevent flashover. Every time the care tag says, "Wash with a residue-free detergent" you will get better results with Sport-Wash®. Don't settle for "Sport-Wash type". Don't fall for "detergent free soap". Detergent replaced soaps because soap rinses so poorly, especially in hard water. To get maximum performance use Sport-Wash®.

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Tech Wash® is a registered trademark of Nikwax
Tide® is a registered trademark of Proctor & Gamble
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