Tips for using Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent

Sport-Wash for ALL Your Wash

You know that residue-Free clothes improve your success in the field. Now your entire family can benefit from reduced irritation and chemical exposure while making ALL your clothes last longer and provide increased comfort and performance.

Since W.W.II, US laundry detergents have added an increasing variety of chemicals leaving ever-more residue deposited in your clothes. Perfume, bleaches, Fluorescent whitening dyes, enzymes, and fillers are typically left in your clothes. They paste the fibers together so that chemical fabric softeners are required to break down the stiffness.

You may have noticed that the Super Market detergent aisle is not a pleasant place. Your eyes burn and your ability to smell or taste is overpowered by the smell of chemicals and perfumes. All these chemicals cause negative results. Colors fade, fibers deteriorate, and your skin is exposed to the residue in your clothes that can cause itching and rash. We have learned to expect this chemical assault, but our bodies have not been able to adapt to it. Indeed, some people actually become more sensitized by continuing exposure. Nursing Mothers, babies, seniors, and active people suffer increased exposure to chemical residue because moisture enables it to penetrate the skin.

Many people are already seeking products that are "Free of perfumes and Dyes". A few products claim they are "Free" but are not. They use "Cover Scents" instead of perfume and they now call Bluing "FWA" (Fluorescent Whitening Agents) instead of the dye it really is. Then, because they leave behind a high level of residue you are forced to use fabric softener which adds more chemicals. You can test this yourself. Just expose any "Free" detergent, liquid or powder, to a black light. If it glows it contains FWA brightener dye; Dye that is meant to be left behind in your clothes even though they claim their product is "Dye Free". Sport-Wash leaves nothing behind. You can feel, see and smell the difference.

SPORT-WASH IS CLEARLY BETTER IN SO MANY WAYS. It is totally free of dyes, fragrance, phosphates, oxidizers, color, fluorescent whiteners, enzymes, and fillers.

WOOL, SILK, COTTON, AND ALL DELICATE FABRICS and colors can now be clean and odor free without damage.

DOWN AND INSULATION MATERIAL FLUFF UP LIKE NEW. High-Tech fibers with special WICKING, BREATHING, OR INSULATING PROPERTIES can be maintained at peak performance by laundering with Sport-Wash.

FACTORY WATER REPELLENTS LAST LONGER and are actually restored when the residues of other soaps are removed.

TO RESTORE FACTORY APPLIED WATER-REPELLENTS. Launder in purged machine using Sport-Wash. Dry till damp. Iron on highest setting recommended by garment manufactures care label.

ELIMINATES SKIN IRRITATION, REDNESS AND RASHES caused by detergent residue. Recurring yeast infections caused by residue of perfume and other chemicals can be controlled by using Sport-Wash detergent and Sport-Wash Hair & Body Soap.

SPORT-WASH IMPROVES THE FLAME RESISTANCE of children's sleepwear. Repeated washings actually enhance the ability of polyester to resist flaming. All children's sleepwear should be laundered in Sport-Wash before wearing to remove any sizing or other residue that can reduce flame resistance.

CLOTHES SMELL LIKE FRESH AIR and you smell better because your perfumes and colognes are not competing with the sweet overpowering chemical smell of other detergents and softeners.

CLOTHES AND FABRICS FEEL SENSUOUSLY SOFT without the expense and chemical exposure of using fabric softeners.


BIODEGRADABLE, PHOSPHATE FREE, Made from renewable straight chain vegetable source surfactants.

YOU USE ONLY ONE OUNCE PER WASHLOAD. Sport-Wash is priced competitively with major brands while offering so many extra value features.