Tips for using Sport-Wash Hair & Body Soap

Sport-Wash Hair & Body Soap

No Perfume, No Conditioner, No Lanolin, Oil, Aloe, Brighteners, or Vitamins. Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel is a special blend of biodegradable straight chain vegetable surfactants that rinse completely, Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel goes beyond hypoallergenic by leaving absolutely no chemical residue on your skin or hair.

 Other shampoos and body cleansers have long lists of ingredients that sound beneficial but actually interfere with cleaning, clog pores and follicles, and in many cases cause rash, redness, and irritation, especially in warm moist areas where the residues are easily drawn into softened skin. These chemicals also attract insects and interfere with personal care products which are less effective and predictable when they interact with soap residue instead of clean skin and hair.

 Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel gently eliminates body odor without the use of irritating antimicrobials. Recent studies show that depositing a low dose of antimicrobial can actually cause the offending organisms to become stronger and more resistant. Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel eliminates odor by virtue of its superior surfactant power. It not only washes away the organisms and their odorous byproducts, but also removes dead skin and other organic debris which microbes feed upon, so it takes hours of perspiration before they can re-grow to problem concentrations.

 Recurring yeast infections are often caused by chemical residues on skin, hair and clothing. These chemicals can be eliminated with regular use of Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel and laundering with Sensi-Clean residue free detergent and no fabric softener. If dry skin or hair is experienced it should be corrected as needed, not by washing with a product that deposits irritating residue indiscriminately.

 Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel is mild enough for daily use. After a couple of weeks you will notice that it doesn't lose effectiveness as you have experienced with products that deposit chemicals on your skin and hair. Shampoos often feel wonderful as they remove the residue from your last brand, but within a week they create their own build-up which they can't remove. People switch back and forth between brands exchanging one residue for another. With Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel there is no residue so each shower is as great as the first. In many cases superior cleaning without residue is actually more effective against dandruff and hair loss than expensive medications.

 Enjoy the experience of sensuously clean skin and hair. You don't have to suffer from skin and scalp conditions to appreciate being residue free. Athletes will notice less irritation in sweat areas. The subtle chemistry of a naturally clean body is discretely more attractive than the overpowering presence of competing perfumes.

 After exposure to harsh chemicals or cleaners do your final wash with unscented Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel so you can be sure you have removed every trace. Even your pet would enjoy Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel instead of the heavily perfumed product he must roll in the grass to remove.