Repair-All by Sno-Seal Facts

Repair-All by Sno-Seal

Repair-All by Sno-Seal is a unique product. Three special properties make it superior for sealing welts, seams, and stitching of footwear and repairing and patching waders tents and rubber boats. First, its ability to remain flexible, second its ability to fail cohesively rather than adhesively, and finally its ability to re-soften and adhere to previous applications of itself.

How it works:
When applied to clean materials the solvents in Repair-All attack the surface and actually bond into it. This bond (adhesion) is stronger than the Repair-All is itself (cohesion). This means that when Repair-All bonds two pieces of material together, the bond to each material is stronger and will remain intact after the bead of Repair-All has failed and split. This is important because if the bond failed the material being repaired would be damaged making further repair impossible. If a Repair-All repair fails, you simply apply a fresh bead directly on the old repair. The solvent in the new material re-softens and rejoins the old material (which is still bonded) and your repair is once again complete.

Repair-All can protect welts, stitching and seams from other damage too. Welders often burn the stitching of boots, gloves, and aprons with weld splatter or contact to hot surfaces. This causes even brand new protective gear to "fall apart". A bead of Repair-All on exposed stitching will prevent this damage. The stitching can not be damaged until the Repair-All has first been burned. Frequent inspections and touch-up of the protective Repair-All will eliminate this kind of damage to boots and other protective gear worn by welders.

Repair-All forms butterscotch colored seal of nitrile rubber adhesive. It cures in 12-48 hours and remains flexible. Repair-All is excellent for repair of rainwear, waders, wetsuits, rubber boots. It resists weather, water, chlorine, oil, gas, diesel, blood and most cleaners and solvents except acetone and M.E.K. Repair-All will repair most vinyl, rubber and plastic toys and sporting goods including pool equipment, covers, and accessories.

Shelf life is at least three years in the recyclable aluminum tube. Excessive heat (over 100 degrees) during storage may expand Repair-All forcing the tube to leak. For maximum life, store between 60 degrees and 80 degrees and squeeze air from tube (tip up) before capping tightly.

Miners of coal and other minerals, persons who work concrete, and sand blasters experience early failure of stitching because of damage caused by abrasive particles. This can be prevented by a thin coating of Repair-All applied on the stitching and seams, sealing out even the smallest particles.

There are numerous non-footwear applications for Repair-All. Cracks, seams, holes, and wear spots on rubber, plastic and canvas items can be repaired easily with Repair-All. Rain wear, waders, tents, boats, door and window hardware and other items often require a strong flexible bond. The Repair-All tube is an excellent way to apply a flexible contact adhesive to a small or delicate repair. Rigid materials may also need a flexible adhesive if they have different expansion rates and are exposed to temperature variations.

Repair-All contains acetone solvent. Always test first to be sure it will not destroy the material you wish to repair. To speed drying and cure, a joint can be coated, pressed closed, and then opened for a minute of air dry before final assembly. Always use adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with Repair-All. Abuse of solvent vapor can result in death. (Repair-All contains non-photo-chemically reactive solvent, southern California APCD rule (1-9-76).

For best adhesion, surface must be clean dry and free of dust or wax. If the shoe will be treated with Sno-Seal, Repair-All should be applied first because it is difficult to remove Sno-Seal from leather. Sno-Seal can be cleaned easily from an existing bead of Welt-Seal with mild solvent when reapplication of Repair-All is needed. Temperature of Repair-All and surfaces should be between 65° and 80°F.

Apply a thin layer, flowing Repair-All by gravity over all the areas to be covered. It can be spread with disposable or easy to clean tools but tends to form strings until skinned over. Do not "pump" tube as this will create bubbles of trapped air. Excessive thickness or heat while curing will also create bubbles. Small bubbles will not reduce the effectiveness of Repair-All.

Very absorbent materials may require more than one coat. Two thin coats is always preferred to one thick coat and will reduce running. Treat one side of a boot and set it down to skin over while you treat one side of the other boot. In less than one minute, Repair-All will skin over and you can treat the other side of the first boot.

Thank you for choosing Repair-All. Please consider our other Sno-Seal products. All are designed to make your footwear, clothing, and gear work better and last longer. Our efficient and economical products help you conserve and enjoy our world.

Danger: Extremely Flammable
The vapors of this product are easily ignited. Contains acetone. Precautions; keep product and its vapors away from heat, sparks and open flame. Use only in areas adequately ventilated with enough air movement to remove vapors and prevent vapor build-up. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapor. Avoid eye contact. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. Keep container closed when not in use. Keep out of reach of children. Suggested first aid: immediately flush eyes with water for 10 minutes and call a physician.


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