Greenest Sport-Wash Feature

The Greenest Feature of Sport-Wash® is Performance

There is a tendency for manufacturers to market greenness as an additional feature, like extra cup holders or antilock brakes. This may be their only option if the use of their product does not actually benefit the environment. If you are selling a red jacket with a lot of features to replace a blue jacket with the same features you hope to entice the customer to expend resources again and again. The more jackets he buys the better for you, but not for the environment. If the polyester happens to be recycled it makes very little difference compared to the overall cost of production, transport, merchandising, labor, fuel and shopping to replace it. After a couple cleanings the features are lost and it’s time to start the process again. If a manufactures shows you how to make it last longer, he looses sales.

The jackets are pretty much the same and which one you choose (even if it is overpriced to make a financial contribution to save the world) makes relatively little difference. If instead, you choose to learn about proper care of high tech fabrics you could make a real difference. Multiply by millions of users, making better choices about the care of all their clothing, footwear and gear and we have a significant benefit to the environment, while saving huge amounts of time and money that become available to save and enjoy the planet.

The important care choice is the use of the proper detergent not selected by fragrance, features, celebrity endorsements, recycled content of the bottle or by and green add-ons, but by performance. Performance is what really counts here. You can spend $8.00 per wash load for some imported technical wash or ultra green formula and you simply impoverish yourself without changing anything. The repellency, wicking, rapid drying and odor resistance all disappear in a few washings and you go shopping, again.

The right detergent, residue free Sport-Wash®, changes everything. It easily restores all the high tech features to brand new performance so there is no need to replace the garment. There is a huge multiplier effect here. One fl. oz. about 30 grams of Sport-Wash®eliminates the entire replacement of the jacket. If you add the oil and other resources, to make, dye and treat fibers, weave fabric and sew the jacket plus transport, marketing, and your time, fuel and money to choose a replacement it becomes apparent that it is the superior performance of Sport-Wash® that is its greenest feature. Yes, it is concentrated, and readily biodegradable and has all the right features to minimize environmental impacts, but without it’s superior performance you would be out shopping to spend hundreds of times more than what it costs to totally restore your jacket. With all the money you save you can make a meaningful impact on a piece of the environment that is personally meaningful to you.

Please take a moment to learn about Sport-Wash® at so you can begin spreading the word. All Atsko/Sno-Seal products are made in the USA and offer superior performance that enables you to receive maximum enjoyment and durability from your clothing, footwear and gear.