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CareTex Waterproof Plus

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    CareTex Waterproof Plus for Horse Turnouts

    From rain sheets to insulated winter blankets, most new turnouts have a factory DWR (Durable Water Repellent) to cause water to bead up and roll right off. This allows it to keep you dry while allowing water vapor from perspiration to evaporate. DWR coatings are very durable but their performance depends upon the turnout being clean and residue free. When a turnout is new, repellency can be maintained simply by washing with CareTex Horse Turnout Wash to remove contamination without depositing detergent residue. Over time abrasion and abuse destroy the DWR. If the blanket is solid, beading action can be restored with a flouropolymer or silicone water repellent. These often will last through many showers and may last a day or two in continuous rain. As a blanket wears, standard repellents won’t keep your horse dry. This is when you need CareTex WATERPROOFING PLUS. It is a wax formula that actually fills the gaps between the fibers. It is extremely durable and will keep your horse dry through day after day of continuous rain. It reduces breathability but allows you to get a couple more useful years from an old leaker. If a blanket is still marginally effective you may only need to apply CareTex WATERPROOF PLUS to the stitching, seams, and worn areas. Once treated with CareTex, do not apply regular breathable repellents. For best warm weather drying of perspiration, use CareTex blanket wash to maximize the performance of the wicking layer that contacts the horse. For customer support call 1-800-845-2728 or Email

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