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CareTex Horse Blanket Wash

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    CareTex Horse Blanket Wash 8 oz Laundry Detergent for All Horse Turnouts

    Modern horse blankets combine several technologies to keep your horse healthy and comfortable. Each of these features needs CareTex Blanket Wash to maintain it at maximum performance. On the outside is a tough but breathable nylon shell with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent). Any contamination, but especially detergent residue, on the outer surface makes the DWR ineffective so that water can cling and wet it out, which stops breathability. The underside of the nylon outer shell has a polyurethane coating or a porous Teflon laminate to provide waterproofness if the DWR fails. These also can absorb and pass water and loose breathability if they become contaminated. A layer of insulation is often used in the middle of heavier blankets. It too must be clean and residue free. Oil and soap residue mat it down and cause it to absorb water, both of which increase heat loss. The insulation may be protected by another layer, separating it from a hydrophilic wicking layer. The wicking is intended to remove moisture from the horse and transport it to the edge of the blanket (away from the horse) so it can evaporate. Dirt and residue will slow the transport and drying functions of this fabric. Residue free CareTex Blanket Wash gets your blankets, pads, and other wash cleaner and more odor free than any other bleach free cleaner, and only CareTex restores all the features and functions to their maximum performance.

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