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Rapid-Rod Barrel Cleaner Information


The ultimate quick and quiet and reliable emergency firearm-cleaning rod has arrived. TheRapid Rod™ has been especially designed to remove barrel obstructions during the hunt and for field cleaning your firearms under adverse conditions. Rapid Rod is the lightest and easiest to use cleaning rod made today. With a collapsed size of 4 1/2" long and 1 7/8 ounces it is the only full size-cleaning rod that can comfortably be carried in your shirt pocket. The Rapid Rod™ can be assembled and ready for use in just seconds -- Without any chance of ever losing a piece, Even in the dark. That's important on any hunting, or shooting expedition.

A solid rod that fits in your shirt pocket.

No worry about losing any parts, even in the dark or snow

The Pre-assembled Rapid Rod™ unfolds in 6 seconds to become a solid rod.

Removes mud, dirt, snow, or ice from your rife or shotgun barrel while in the field.

Rifle barrels to 26" - Shotgun barrels to 30" in Gauges 20 thru 10

Handle passes thru 20 gauge and larger.

Limited 3 year warranty. Corrosion resistant 6061-T6 Aluminum and Stainless steel.

Self-aligning joints are guided together by stainless cable.

8-32 female threads so it will accept all standard cleaning accessories

Choice of rugged black Nylon cloth, or black vinyl case.

Custom lengths are available along with your choice of Black anodizing, or Stainless steel sections.

The Rapid Rod™ is made in the USA.


Tighten the Rapid Rod™ with sufficient tension to straighten the rod. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Over tightening will not increase the rigidity of the rod, but may damage internal parts. We have included with your rod a soft .22 cal. slotted patch tip. This tip should be replaced with the appropriate jag or slotted tip in the correct caliber or gauge for your weapon before going to the field. The .22 cal. patch tip included was intentionally chosen to be extremely soft and non damaging to gun bores. The patch tip is expendable. Care must be taken not to force or cross thread fittings into the threaded female end of the rod. The use of plastic fittings is recommended.


Fold your Rapid Rod™; Carefully!

Forcing a section to fold under tension will damage the cable and the joints.

Cable slack must be used equally at each fold.

Fold one section at a time starting at handle.

Pull extra cable out of each fold before making the next fold.

Before loading any weapon inspect the bore to ensure that it is clear of any obstructions. To remove obstructions always insert the rod from the breech, if possible, to drive the dirt and moisture out and avoid damage to the working parts of the breech or the crown of the muzzle.

With Semi-auto or lever actions and whenever you can only enter the barrel from the muzzle you must hold the Rapid Rod™ close to the end entering the muzzle and guide the rod into the bore, insuring that the rod is inserted straight in line with the barrel. This avoids damage to the crown of the muzzle and prevents bending the Rapid Rod. When pushing on the rod, grip it as close to where it enters the barrel as possible to avoid bending. Excessive bending of the rod may damage the shoulders of the connecting joints. In the event of a lodged bullet from a misfire; We recommend you enlist the aid of a qualified gun smith to avoid any damage to the lands or grooves.


Atsko Inc. warrants to the original purchaser, for a period of three years from the date of purchase, that the Rapid Rod™ be free from defects in manufacture and materials. The foregoing warranty is the only warranty, express or implied, given by Atsko Inc., there is no warranty of merchantability and there is no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Atsko Inc. hereby disclaims any express or implied warranties other than the warranty in the first sentence to the fullest extent permitted by law. If applicable law does not permit Atsko Inc. to disclaim implied warranties, any warranties implied by law are limited to the three year term of the express warranty given by Atsko Inc. or any service person, is authorized to make any other warranty or to alter the terms of the warranty given by Atsko Inc.

NOTE: The warranty given by Atsko Inc. does not apply to any Rapid Rod™ which has been subjected to misuse, mishandling, or to any Rapid Rod™ which has been damaged, modified, altered or tampered with, either externally or internally.
The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty is repair or replacement at Atsko's option of any Rapid Rod™ that proves to be defective in manufacture or materials within the three year warranty from the date of purchase. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Atsko Inc. disclaims all liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages alleged to be caused by a defective product, i.e., Atsko Inc. will not be responsible for any personal injury, property damage (other than the cost of replacing the Rapid Rod™) or any other monetary damage such as lost wages or profits caused by any use, attempted use or inability to use the Rapid Rod™.

NOTE: By using the Rapid Rod you agree that repair or replacement at Atsko's option will fully satisfy Atsko's warranty obligation to you whether in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or other applicable law.
Atsko's sole option, will be to repair or replace any Rapid Rod™ that proves to be defective within one year from date of purchase at no charge to the purchaser except for a fee of $5.00 for handling, packing, return postage and insurance.

Should service be required:
1. Pack the Rapid Rod™ in a suitable carton with sufficient protective padding to avoid injury to the Rod during shipping.
2. You must enclose:
1) Your original packing slip or other proof or date of purchase.
2) Your check or money order for $5.00, payable to Atsko Inc.
3) A note describing the problem and how it occurred.
3. Ship the Rapid Rod™ prepaid, by Insured Parcel Post or
Insured United Parcel Service(UPS) to:

Atsko Inc., 2664 Russell S.E., Orangeburg, SC 29115 Phone (803) 531-1820