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N-O-DOR ZERO Odor Oxidizer Refill

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    Destroys all odor on skin, hair, mouth, clothing, footwear and gear. Makes 3 quarts of oxidizer. Make one quart at a time so it's always fresh.
    For hunting, fishing, pets, cars, home, coolers and more. Maximum Odor Elimination. Odor molecules are destroyed by oxidation.
    ZERO Fragrance
    ZERO Brighteners
    ZERO Enzymes
    ZERO Sticky Residue

    Oxidation is natures way of permanently destroying odors and organic debris. Oxidation takes place at the molecular level when oxygen or compounds are able to split into negatively charged ions, that can then combine with organics such as odor molecules. This forms new compounds (salts) that are non-volatile so they cannot smell. N-O-DOR ZERO oxidizes the smelly byproducts of bacteria. It also oxidizes the organic material that the bacteria feed upon.

    • Remove foil pack from 1 quart mixing and storage bottle.
    • Fill bottle with clean tap or bottled water.
    • Remove 2 tablets from foil pack and add to bottle.
    • Ready in 5 minutes.
    • Store away from heat and light to maintain effectiveness for 6 months.
    Each quart will refill your 16 oz N-O-DOR oxidizer bottle twice. To improve your chance of hunting success, spray from head to feet. Spray layers of clothing as you dress. Respray in field as needed.

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